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             What is Brain SPECT Imaging?





Dr. Klindt is a recognized expert in Brain SPECT Imaging. He can provide innovative psychaitric diagnosis and treatment for a wide varity of behavioral, learning, and emotional problems suffered by children, teens, and adults. He has comprehensive and specialized training to interpret SPECT scans and has performed several thousand scans himself. Dr. Klindt has developed a highly effective method for applying this advanced technology into his private clinical practice and may refer the patient for Brain SPECT Imaging during or after the evaluation process.


Brain SPECT Imaging is a widely accepted nuclear medicine procedure involving full-color 3D and cross sectional brain images of the blood flow to each area of the brain. Brain SPECT scans enable Dr. Klindt to physiologically evaluate the areas of the brain that work well, the areas of the brain that are working too hard (over-active blood flow), and the areas of the brain that are not working hard enough (under-active blood flow). When taken in the context of a person's life, clinical history, and mental status exam, SPECT scans will give Dr. Klindt a complex and enhanced picture of their brain function so he can better target his treatment plan. He believes that looking at the organ he is treating allows him to be more effective in helping his patients. Through the use of this highly advanced tool we gain a better understanding of the underlying physiological brain issues the patient is struggling with. 


Brain SPECT Imaging is a safe and sophisticated tool for chidren, teens, and adults. It has been extremely helpful for those elderly patients concerned about dementia and/or memory problems. Dr. Klindt has helped many patients of all ages experiencing complex or treatment resistant conditions, traumatic brain injuries, substance abuse, addictive behaviors, cognitive disorder such as Attention Deficit Disorder, anxiety and depression disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and violent/aggressive behaviors. His wealth of knowledge and experience in this area has made him one of the most uniquely qualified psychiatrists in Northern California Area. 


Brain SPECT imaging consists of 2 scans - one while the patient's brain is concentraining and one while the patient's brain is at rest. Each procedure takes only 15 to 20 minutes and the radiation exposure is approximately the same as a diagnostic x-ray (such as a chest x-ray). Dr. Klindt would be happy to refer you to a local SPECT imaging clinic to schedule the procedures. Once he receives the scans he schedules an appointment with his patient to go over the results, explain the function of each area of the brain, and apply the results to their diagnostic and treatment plan.


Call our office staff if you have any questions about scheduling or integrating these procedures into your own personal treatment plan.

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